Ben Gavan
Ben Gavan lives on the edge of Dartmoor with his wife Tara and his baby boy Kit. A keen storyteller and champion of unlocking the imagination, Ben has worked with schools helping young people think creatively to turn blank pages into exciting new worlds. Ben has worked with secondary schools helping young people develop their writing skills and with primary schools across the South West of England, running creative writing workshops and also helping children develop their own social enterprise businesses by embedding the curriculum into each project. Once, he helped an entire school collaborate with the town’s residents to write a book on their shared history, while on another occasion helped to design and plan a children’s literacy garden (complete with a magic wardrobe to walk through and a giant’s storytelling chair to sit in). He also worked with a primary school to develop a cookery book-with creativity the key ingredient! The Perilous Postman is Ben’s first book. Set in the village of Big Wig, a young boy finds himself having to play detective when a number of grannies start getting posted, only to reappear on the other side of the world. Who though, is putting their stamps and parcel tape to such dastardly use? The elderly finger of suspicion is soon pointed at The Perilous Postman, so called due to his tremendous height and frightening appearance. But is he really to blame? If not, then who? The Perilous Postman has attracted rave reviews and is already a favourite with many schools who have enjoyed getting lost in the world of Big Wig. Ben Gavan now wishes to work with more schools, embedding the book into key parts of the curriculum and using his collection of Big Wig Granny Facts (over 100 at the last count) to help inspire children in their own creative writing.

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