Insurrection Katy Krump


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The Qarntaz Octad has fallen to the despot, Primax. Unleashing his superior forces in a violent and extensive attack, Primax’s quest to rule the Octad is about to be realised. Determined to rid the Octad of Forbidden children, the eight planets are soon occupied and living in terror under 
his brutal regime. Threatened and pursued relentlessly, his Once-Forbidden sister, Qea, must find allies amongst the otherworldly Octad tribes, but trying to rally support for their insurrection is proving harder than they ever anticipated. Little does she know that Primax has something unthinkable in store for her and her brother, Balzar. When the truth about Primax emerges it threatens everything Qea’s ever known and thought she knew about her world.
Can she fulfil her destiny and strike at the very heart of Primax’s empire, and will she make the ultimate sacrifice?

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