Katy Krump
(illustrated by Shirley Sharp)


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Meet Pete, a boy made entirely of bog... He drips and oozes, and his sister, Gilda, the golden-faced Precious girl,
never lets him forget it. When Gilda is abducted, Pete must make an impossible
decision - do the right thing and rescue her, or let his mean-spirited sister 
get what she deserves. Along with his brother Sandy, who keeps falling apart, and best friends Al Loy,
Oozenberg and Blanche, Pete sets off on a terrifying adventure into an unknown
world populated by vicious "Collectors". Can Pete and his friends avoid the brutal diggers tearing apart their underground
world and survive the molten madness of Volcanus and his lava louts? 
More importantly, can he rescue Gilda from the jaws of the "Furniss"
 before she is melted or will he return home a soggy disgrace? Available now in Paperback

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