glue: we're more brand
than publisher Yeah, we know it says “publishing” in our name, but let’s be clear: GLUE does not publish GLUE authors’ books. GLUE authors publish GLUE authors’ books. Still confused? Well, it’s like this… GLUE is a not-for-profit collective organisation (which is biz speak for “authors supporting one another in doing what they love”). We’re equal parts support network, resource pool and a gateway to our authors’ books. GLUE authors support one another, share ideas, tips, techniques, tools and information. We trade skills and experiences, and help further each others’ literary careers through the quality of our collective media, and by promoting our gorgeous GLUE brand. GLUE represents its authors through exposure on the GLUE website and social media, by word of mouth, and through its network of authors and readers. GLUE authors represent GLUE through the quality of their work and by shouting about their books and those of other GLUE authors. GLUE will only endorse books and authors they truly believe in, and as a result GLUE readers will have access to some really top-notch indie publications. GLUE does not contribute to the cost of publication of its authors’ books. Each author GLUE represents should expect to pay their own way, but we feel this is a small price for membership to our unique and growing network of authors, illustrators and industry professionals that can help give your books a professional edge and assist you on your onward authorly journey. Plus, GLUE authors get to keep 100% of the royalties of their own books. No, that's wasn't a typo. 100 percent. For keeps. For real. Didn't I mention that we’re a not-for-profit organisation? You put in the hard work and the upfront costs; it’s only right that you reap the rewards of that. So what does GLUE get out of it? Exposure and reputation-building via your undoubtedly awesome work. That’s what. The more top-quality books that go out into the world carrying our brand, the more likely it is that our brand will be seen as a hallmark for 100% unfiltered purified awesomeness – and that can only mean good news for the collective group. So now you know why glue is more brand than publisher.
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