Katy Krump also writing as K.A.Edwards
Katy Krump grew up in South Africa and has always loved writing. She started her first book aged six typing with one finger on her father’s green Smith-Corona typewriter. It is still incomplete as she was distracted by swimming. Katy was an English and music teacher before almost losing her sense of humour (and mind) and deciding she needed to devote herself to the thing she loved most after swimming- writing. She published a number of children’s musicals and then became a full-time television scriptwriter for children, working on an award winning children’s show Kideo, and says that putting words in a donkey’s mouth was the best fun a girl could ever have. She entered a nationwide scriptwriting competition and was selected to be on the writing team of a popular South African soap, Generations. Putting words in the mouths of adult actors was enjoyable too, even though they were then translated into one of the other eleven official South African languages, and not always correctly. This wasn’t as much fun as making the donkey sing Queen songs. As time went by, Katy also worked as an advertising copywriter, wrote radio ads and jingles, educational textbooks and readers...anything writing related to keep the wolf from the door. Basically, she’s constantly writing, books and TV scripts and if not that then plotting, planning and scheming how to take over the world. When this finally happens, she will appoint the donkey as Supreme Ruler of the Universe. Like Qea, the feisty heroine in the Blue Dust Trilogy, Katy understands something about being an alien after she embarked on a new journey, crossing the galaxy to settle on a new planet (England) many moons ago. Some like to call this process 'immigration'. Katy is now the proud possessor of a maroon Intergalactic Wayfarer Permit and has come to love the aliens she mixes with daily. She hopes to one day finish the story about the otter. Unless she goes swimming.

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