Leyland Perree
Leyland Perree was born in Devon in 1973, and is an accomplished printer, designer. and author. His claims to fame include something he printed for a local inventor turning up on TV show Tomorrow’s World, and, as a teenager, he once skateboarded with someone who occasionally got to hang out with Kylie Minogue. And that’s about it. His first attempt at writing was at the age of 8 when, like Katy, he discovered the joys of the manual typewriter. Thus he embarked upon his first writing project; a novel entitled Jimmy in the Jungle. Jimmy didn’t progress past the end of the first page. A decade later, he began work on another project – an epic fantasy, which took six years to write and spanned over 250,000 words on the first draft. These days, his word count falls somewhere between the two. Since then Leyland has enjoyed greater success (and word-count restraint). His children's books are enjoyed the world over and have been translated into several languages. He has also written two novels and numerous short stories for adults using the pseudonym Jon Le Riche - his three (count ‘em) middle-names - and has a plentiful supply in the think-tank. Stories, that is, not middle-names. Leyland lives on the edge of Dartmoor with his wife and son, forty seconds away from a zoo.

Superpowers Graphic design and print
Typesetting and layout
Book cover design
MS Office and templates
POD book creation
EPUB book creation If you would like to engage Leyland
for any of these skills, or to enquire about booking him
for an author talk or school workshop, please contact him through his website via the droplet link beneath this pane.
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